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Clinical Focus

Approach to Diagnosis

Psychiatric diagnoses have their limitations, and I do not attempt to reduce a whole person to one or two labels. I do, however, use evidence-based interview techniques and detailed questionnaires to identify specific treatable conditions. This helps us to find the most effective treatment(s) for you.

Stressed Woman

Areas of Expertise

I have expertise treating individuals with a wide range of illnesses, including, but not limited to:

- Generalized Anxiety

- Panic

- Social Anxiety

- Separation Anxiety

- Phobias (Fears)

- Depression

- Seasonal Affective Disorder

- Post-Partum Depression and Anxiety

- Bipolar Disorder

- Post-Traumatic Stress


- Substance Use Disorders (Alcohol, Tobacco, Cannabis, and others)

- Disordered Eating

As a psychiatrist and psychotherapist for people across the lifespan, I commonly treat adults with:

- parenting challenges

- relationship conflicts

- trouble making big (or small) decisions

- job stress

- sleep difficulties

- low or inconsistent motivation

- problems with focus and attention

I have extensive training and experience working with children and teens with:

- academic difficulties

- low motivation

- peer conflicts

- parent conflicts

- bullying

- attention problems

- sleep problems

- school refusal

- compulsive use of video games/social media

- drug and alcohol use/abuse

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