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Sasha Waring, MD

Seattle Board-Certified Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist

Helping Individuals of All Ages to Heal and to Thrive

Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Services

My Individualized, Whole-Person Approach to Wellness

Comprehensive Assessment

Medication Treatment and Optimization

Psychotherapy and Wellness

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Doctor and Patient

The First Step is Knowing

Harnessing Science for Meaningful Recovery

Evidence-Based Best Practices for Lasting Results

Whether you come to see me to embark on a course of treatment here, or for a one-time consultation to help your existing providers find the most effective ways to help you, we will begin with a deep, collaborative investigation of what is most concerning you and how you came to be where you are now.

Some, though not all, psychiatric conditions respond best to medication treatment. Medicine will never be your only option, but if we determine that a medication could help to reduce your suffering and restore you to your best self, we will work together to find what works. I have extensive experience in all types of psychiatric medications for children, adolescents, and adults.

Through a holistic approach to mental health, I see each patient as a whole rather than a single symptom to be treated. I use techniques such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy to help you achieve wellness and meaning in your life. Please contact me today to schedule an appointment.

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